An international workshop on conceptual development of plus-energy house was held

As part of the project “Cross-Border Network of Energy Sustainable Universities” (NET4ENERGY), mutual online visits are held for two months (March-May) between the project partner universities (IFNTUOG; Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia; University of Miskolc, Hungary; Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, North University Center of Baia Mare, Romania) and workshops for students, teachers, experts and anyone interested in improving the energy efficiency of public buildings.  

The first international online-workshop, organized by the University in Kosice united more than 60 participants from Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Thus, students and teachers of IFNTUOG, Uzhhorod National University, Technical University in Kosice, Suceava University, University of Miskolc, North University Center of Baia Mare joined the discussion; representatives of the Regional Innovation Agency (Slovakia), the Center for European Initiatives, etc.


The topic of the workshop was devoted to the conceptual development of plus-energy house for public buildings. The representatives of the Technical University in Kosice told about the features of buildings energy certification and energy audit (František Vranay); types of renewable energy sources, possibilities of their use for public buildings and energy classification of buildings (Zsolt Čonka); working principle, types, energy efficiency, methods of designing heat pumps (Marek Kušnír); energy management system (Rikin Tailor).

1The representatives of the project groups of partner universities also discussed the possibility of co-working to improve the results between the two projects of the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 (HUSKROUA): NET4ENERGY (goal is to make institutions of higher education as more energy efficient buildings and share this experience with other European countries) and NESICA: new energy solutions in the Carpathian region (goal is to promote energy efficiency through education and practical activities in communities to support sustainable use of natural resources).



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