7. Admission

Additional Information: 


1. Foreigners and stateless persons (hereinafter referred to as the foreigners) who arrive in Ukraine to study, enter Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG) according to the accredited educational programs (qualifications).

2. Admission of foreigners for funds of physical (legal) persons is carried out:

  • twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semester (no later then November 1 and March 1) for bachelor and master degrees;

  • during a year (from September 1 till May 15) for study at the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens (PDFC);

  • during a year for postgraduate studies.
Admission Period Full-time and Part-time Modes of Study
Start of submitting documents and application forms February 05, 2019 July 01, 2019
End of submitting application forms February 28, 2019 November 01, 2019

Terms of entrance examinations

February 05, 2019 - February 28, 2019

(during several examination periods)

July 01, 2019 - November 01, 2019

(during several examination periods)


3. Documents for Admission:

   1) application form;

   2) original of invitation for study;

   3) originals and notarized translations (two copies) of a document about previous education (official secondary/high school/college certificate) into Ukrainian with supplement to it;

   4) notarized translations (one copy) of birth certificate into Ukrainian or English;

   5) health certificate (valid within two months from the moment of issue) verified according to the laws of your country;

   6) notarized translations (three copies) of valid passport into Ukrainian;

   7) valid insurance;

   8) 6 photos (30х40 мм); 6 photos (35х45 мм).

   9) original of Pre-University Education Sertificate (if there is);

Passport copies, previous educational documents (official secondary/high school/college certificate) and health certificates must be certified in the country of their issuance in a way that is officially applicable in this country to such a certification and legalized by the relevant foreign institution of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine.

4. Admission of foreigners for appropriate level of higher education is carried out according to results of entrance examinations in specific subjects and language of instruction, on the grounds of academic rights to continue studies, provided by the document on the acquired level of education in the country of its origin, and taking into account the applicant’s academic progress entitled to obtain the next higher educational level under the law of the country which issued the document on the acquired level of education.

The university calculates points/grades of an applicant on the basis of the previous educational documents and determines the minimum points/grades required for entry the university.

The entrance examinations for master’s degree consist of the entrance exam in Ukrainian as a foreign language.

5. According to the decision of Admission Board the condition for enrollment a foreign citizen for studies is to have a command of language of instruction at the level sufficient for retention education material. The Admission Board evaluates the level of language proficiency by a test that consists of two sessions: the first session is in test form (computer verification), provides the assessment of grammar and vocabulary knowledge and is rated on a scale of 0 to 100 points; the second session is an  interview, provides the assessment of comprehension and oral communication in the language of instruction and is evaluated under the principle “passed”/ “failed”. If an applicant student gets more then 50 points during the first session, he will not be allowed to take the second session and looses an opportunity to participate in competitive admissions to the university. If an applicant student gets “failed” during the second session, he looses an opportunity to participate in competitive admissions to the university. In such a case, he or she may submit documents for studies at the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens.

Foreigners who have successfully completed their studies at the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens and stated the willingness to obtain higher education at IFNTUOG will be enrolled for further studies within 10 calendar days from the date of issuing the order about completion the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens.

6.  All the categories of foreigners who enter the university are enrolled  to the IFNTUOG on the basis of the order for admission, verified at the EDBO (Unified State Electronic Database on Education).

7. Іноземець, рекомендований для зарахування на навчання, укладає договір (контракт), який є нормативним документом, що визначає обов’язки і права університету та іноземця упродовж усього терміну навчання. Договір із замовником щодо навчання за рахунок коштів фізичних (юридичних) осіб укладається в день видання наказу про зарахування (дата реєстрації наказу про зарахування іноземних громадян на навчання та дата укладання договору повинні співпадати). Несвоєчасне укладання договору щодо навчання за рахунок коштів фізичних (юридичних) осіб є підставою для відрахування студента.

Організаційну допомогу в укладанні договору здійснює відділ супроводу навчального процесу ЦМО. Неукладання договору щодо навчання за рахунок коштів фізичних (юридичних) осіб є підставою для відрахування студента. Оплата навчання здійснюється згідно з договором, укладеним сторонами.

8. Прийом заяв та документів від іноземців, які постійно проживають на території України на законних підставах, а також біженців та осіб, які потребують додаткового захисту відбувається в терміни, визначені відповідними пунктами Правил прийому до ІФНТУНГ. Вказана категорія вступників бере участь у загальному конкурсі на навчання за кошти фізичних (юридичних) осіб за результатами зовнішнього незалежного оцінювання.