IFNTUOG receives more than £1MM software donation by Petroleum Experts

Petroleum Experts (Petex) – one of the world leading company, for the second time have donated the Integrated Production Modelling toolkit (IPM 9.0) which models the complete production system from the reservoir to the surface network in equivalent to £ 335 161.50 to Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas. 


Integrating the tools of GAP 10.0, PROSPER 13.0, MBAL 12.0, REVEAL 6.0, RESOLVE 6.0 and PVTP 11.0 to operate seamlessly, the engineer is able to design complex field models. The Reservoir, Wells and Complete Surface Systems model, having been matched for production history, will accurately optimise the entire network and run predictions.
  • PROSPER - Well Modelling and Design         
  • MBAL - Reservoir Analytical Simulation
  • PVTP - Fluid Characterisation
  • GAP - Multiphase Network Optimisation
  • REVEAL - Specialised Reservoir Simulator & Near Wellbore Reservoir Simulator
  • RESOLVE - Integrated Production Controller 

The IPM complex will be used only in educational process and for noncommercial scientific researches.