Forewarned is forearmed

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the "Intercultural Police Laboratory" project, which is being implemented by the Patrol Police of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in partnership with El & Ol for international students in UA, has been in operation for a long time. Organizations implementing the project are engaged in developing intercultural dialogue, supporting international students, protecting and realizing human rights and freedoms, issues of European integration.

The Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has joined the project. Our univesity is the main center for training international students in the Carpathian region. More than 500 students from 42 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa study at the University. The administration, teachers and staff of the university are trying to pay significant attention to the comprehensive development of international students. For them, the University created the necessary conditions for effective learning, leisure, creativity; all rights and freedoms are guaranteed in accordance with the University Statute and the current legislation of Ukraine.

"In general, the adaptation of international students to our realia is a very complex and lengthy process that involves many aspects: adapting to the new socio-cultural environment, language of communication, education systems, and the international nature of the groups. This process requires appropriate actions and assistance not only from the institution of education, where we make every effort to make the students feel comfortable, but also from other public institutions ", - says coordinator of work with international students from IFNTUOG, deputy director of the Center for International Education Iryna Lytvyn.

The second stage of the "Intercultural Police Laboratory" project has now begun, where another important event – OpenSpace (Open Space. Police and Society) - has been held in the IFNTUOG, aimed at raising awareness of students about their rights and responsibilities, as well as strengthening the cooperation of the Patrol Police with the public.

The university lobby was indeed crowded with numerous locations, where students had the opportunity to learn important information that was necessary for their safety. Namely: how to deal with crimes related to trafficking in human beings; the basic skills of self-defense and provision of the first medical aid; how to fingerprint and dispose of explosive devices; about the main attributes in a police uniform; what is the "Legal Clinic" and how this format is used to provide primary legal aid.

Now international students can confidently say that they are forearmed, because they have the right information!