History of Department

Additional Information: 

Department of well logging created on the basis of the Department of Oil-Field  Geology and Petroleum Geophysics Ivano-Frankivsk branch of Lviv Polytechnic Institute in 1969. The first Head of Department was Academician V. I. Selskyy. In 1969 in the department was created laboratory base to study reservoir properties of rocks productive oil and gas fields. Under the guidance of Associate Professor V. I. Hrytsyshyn was established sectoral research laboratory ГНДЛ-6, under which developed towards the study of the filtration and capacitive characteristics of reservoir rocks, the development on  its basis of new interpretive techniques of processing the results of well logging.

In 1984 was created Department of well logging, which in turn led Professor O. P. Bulmasov, Professor O. M. Snarskyy, Professor O.I.Kobrunov. From 1993 to date, the department manages Doctor of Geological Sciences, Professor D. D. Fedoryshyn.