General Information

Department of Land Management and Cadastre was established in 2004 though the 7.070904 “Land Management and Cadastre” major was launched in IFNTUOG in 2001 at the Engineering Geodesy Department.

   The department is a structural unit of the School of Environmental Engineering and trains professionals majoring in “Land Management and Cadastre” on the basis of training programme 0801 “Geodesy and Land Surveying”. The graduates get Bachelor, Specialist and Master of Land Surveying and Cadastre degrees with general scope of activities including the following:   

  • setting of municipal boundaries;
  • setting of boundaries of protected areas;
  • setting of water protection areas;
  • setting of protection areas for power transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines;
  • cadastre works for formation of land areas for state cadastral registration;
  • specification of boundaries and areas of land, making amendments to state cadastral register (specified land);
  • setting of right-of-ways for roads, oil and gas pipelines for state cadastral registration;
  • development of land allocation schemes on cadastral plans, their finalizing and approval with municipal authorities;
  • transfer of land parcels from one category to another;
  • assessment of different types of land and real estate.


   The Department prepares bachelors and specialists in land management. All of its activities, as well as the necessity of creation are dedicated to training skilled specialists with higher education to provide with the personnel the priority areas of regional economy.

   The staff of the department comprises 14 teaching staff including 1 Doctor of Technical Sciences, 1 Professor, 5 PhDs, and Associate Professors. Two postgraduate students do postgraduate studies at the department.