Institute of Power Engineering


Karpatska str., 15 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 76019 P: 0342 72-71-06, e-mail:

 Institute of Power Engineering  aims to provide students with a detailed knowledge of the technology required to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry, electric power industry and all other industries of the state. Our students get both a theoretical and practical grounding in field of electrical engineering, being well-equipped to tackle the challenges of this fast evolving industry. Drawing upon a long established track record of excellence in teaching and research, the programmes are being delivered by staff each of whom are highly regarded in their field of expertise.

    The programmes being delivered are constantly updated to reflect the current and future needs of the energy industry. One of the main features of the programmes is their interdisciplinary nature, being suitable for students with mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical and other suitable engineering backgrounds.