3. Hostel


The university provides accommodation for international students at hostel №3, 7 Pivnichnyi Bulvar str..


Accommodation is provided with 2- and 3-bedrooms and sanitary facilities (bathroom and toilet).

Accommodation price for one person is 750 UAH per month (including utilities).

A student can live alone in a room in case of full accommodation price payment (for 2 or 3 places).

The list of documents for living in a hostel (room 0419a):

1) application form;

2) hostel agreement for international student;

3) material liability insurance policy (you can buy it at the university representative of the insurance company);

4) 2 photographs 3,5 Х 4,5 cm (for production ID card and residence order);

5) result of fluorography (Chest X-ray) examination (Central City Clinical Hospital No.2, 42 Dovha str.);

6)  hostel payment receipt (for at least 6 months).

If you want to change a room or move out from the hostel write and submit an application form to the CIE (room 0419a).

In case of advanced moving from the hostel, the unused hostel money are returned to the student according to the written application submitted to the accounting office of IFNTUOG (room 0219).