General Information

Additional Information: 

The Department of Accounting and Auditing has a long and proven history of educating and shaping future intellectually vibrant leaders in the field of finance, business and management.

  Our lecturers provide a foundation of professional education through programmes accredited by national and international professional institutions.

  Our vision is to be a leader in accounting education and research and to be recognised for academic excellence, social consciousness and high standards. 

Values, Vision and Mission

  Our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes offer our students the opportunity to pursue their own aspirations locally and globally.


  Our challenging curricula ensure quality through a team of experts that enable professional development needs of students.

   The mission of the Department is to serve the interests of, and promote the subject Financial Accounting and Auditing at an educational, research and community services level.

  At an educational level by participating in, and contributing to academic programmes that serve the financial knowledge and skills needs of Ukrainian business; and to enjoy international recognition.

At a research level by contributing to the subject literature (also accounting education), enhancing Financial Accounting as a scientific field of study that is essential to the proper functioning of economic and business decision-making processes.

  At a community services level, taking cognisance of the characteristics and needs of the community that it serves, including recognition of a social responsibility in the wider Ukrainian context.

  In striving to achieve its mission, the Department of Accounting and Auditing  takes cognisance of the recognized need to transform the demographics of the accountancy profession. It is committed to achieving transformation in respect of its human resources, its students and the academic programmes it presents.

   We would like to welcome you to the programmes presented by the Department of Accounting and Auditing during this year. With your consistent and continuous commitment to your studies and our support and guidance, you should be able to experience a successful and rewarding academic year.

   We look forward to welcoming you on your road to success!